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区别是: be absent from 后面往往跟地点名词,表示在某地点缺勤或缺席。 be absent for 后面往往跟事物名词,表示缺席某个事件。 例句辨析: be absent from 1、I have a terrible headache and will be absent from the office today. 甲:我...

be absent from 后面往往跟地点名词,表示在某地点缺勤或缺席。 如:be absent from school 而be absent for 后面往往跟事物名词,表示缺席某个事件。 如:be absent for the meeting

I was absent from the meeting. He failed in the exam because of his absence of mind. 他因心不在焉而考试不及格。

for是加原因的,work又不是原因。be absent from work是absolutely对的

was / were absent from .

be absent at the class这个是错的,应该是be present at the class.出席。后一个对是缺席,即没上课

be absent from school. 旷课,没去学校 absent adj.缺席的;不在的;缺乏的 vt.使缺席 例句 用作形容词 (adj.) Professor Li is absent, I will take the lesson in the place of him. 李教授不在,我替他上课。 Many students were absent, no...

He is never absent from class. 他从不缺课。 The director was absent from the meeting yesterday. 昨天,主任缺席会议。 Love was never absent from his childhood. 他的童年从没有缺乏过爱。




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